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Arbatax Park Resort.|Benvenuti in Sardegna
Esclusivo come un risveglio sul mare
Il gallo <strong>canta</strong> e il merlo <strong>fischia</strong> perché l'Arbatax Park non è solo un resort.È un'<strong>esperienza felice</strong>
Rilassa il corpo e rigenera lo spirito
Lasciati sorprendere dalle meraviglie della natura
Scopri la vera Sardegna e le sue tradizioni nel Borgo antico
 Educativo e divertente, cosa chiedere di più?
La Sardegna ti emozionerà infinitamente

Wild Blue: the most exciting trekking route in Italy

The most exciting and difficult route in Italy? The Wild Blue! In Ogliastra, on the east coast of Sardinia, you will find the most beautiful and exciting trekking route, with colours, cliffs, caves, woods and breathtaking coves.

The path was created in the 80s by two mountaineers who have rediscovered the old and impervious paths of Supramonte used by shepherds and charcoal burners, where there are old mule tracks and ingenious stairs in juniper, so as to join Pedra Longa to Cala Sisine.

The classic route has 6 stages for a duration of 6 days and 5 nights, but you can adapt it to the needs of participants. In addition to Pedra Longa and Cala Sisine, you can admire Cuile De us piggius, Portu Cuau, Bacu Mudaloru, Cuile Piddi and Cala Goloritzé.

Since the path presents different levels of difficulty, it is recommended to travel the Wild Blue under the direction of experienced guides, in spring or autumn, from March to late June, and then from September to October.

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