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VIK Very Important Kids


Boys and girls, gals and guys, mummies and daddies welcome to the Republic of Happiness!  Between nature, landscapes, sea and Ogliastra,’s traditions, discover a Sardinia that you can’t see but it exists. That’s right, you landed on an island within an island and you’ll be surrounded by striking, unique and unexpected places.
You have over 60 hectares of lands to explore to celebrate the beauty of this Sardinian corner. How? It’s easy! The only thing you have to do is join the exclusive VIK (very important kids) where all children who chose Ogliastra for their holidays are invited to discover, live and tell the Republic of Happiness between adventure, culture and lots of surprises.
Joining the club is free for our young guests, who will receive a personalized passport that grants membership of the VIK System, participation of all organized activities and and collection of points. Anyone who participate can climb the hierarchy of the Bellavista Natural Park Ranger Corp throughout an individual learning experience which starts from Recruit Status up to Captain. The latter will grant have access to the Fairy Tales Factory- the Park Rangers week- that will take place in September during which the adventurers will play and have fun inventing a fairytale in the Park.
What are you waiting for? We need your help to preserve our nature! Many activities are waiting for you for a kid tailor made holiday complete with explorations, discoveries, natural tours, food experience and art courses.



An educational walk through the Natural Bellavista Park, the Biological Garden and the Nursery. The kid shepherd of Maria Lai’s Tale “La Capretta” (the small goat), shaking the silver bell he received as a gift from a goat leading up to the natural resources’ discovery.


Many, many years ago, in tempos antigos, when every fold was a house and each group of houses was a country, all Sardinia houses had a kitchen with a fireplace surrounded by four stones in the middle. During the evening, at dusk, after a long working day, the whole family used to sit around the fire and the older people of the family told them “contos de foghile”. Fairy tales, legends and various anecdotes, which were used to “tenner ischidos sos Pitzinnos” keeping the kids awake, teaching them daily life stories.

THE DOMUS DE JANAS (Fairy Houses) – Laboratory inspired by the “Legend of a Distracted God”  (10 points)

The Janas, were born from a magic flash escaped from the uncontrolled gesture of a “distracted God” -who transformed some busy bees in wonderful beings,  who were able to weave with magical gold frames and lived in stone’s houses where they hid precious treasures. You will live a wonderful experience visiting them and discovering the secrets of magic spells, and their textile creations.

 MARIA “MANI IN PASTA” “ Have the finger in the pie”(10 points)

Learning with Maria the Republic of Happiness cooking secrets. Join her laboratories and have fun preparing the favorite dishes of our Park inhabitants. After this activity; preparing bread, cheese and a lot of Sardinian specialties with your adventure friends will be a child’s play.


Will our little heroes be able to overcome various test and gain all necessary clues useful to carry on with hunt, only with the help of a map and the support of their fellow adventurers?  The aim of the game is finding a hidden treasure within the park, through a course of trials and difficult, funny challenges. Nothing insurmountable for our Rangers who clue after clue, will find the coveted treasure!


  • The Sardinian Night: typical Sardinian party, stamp your Passport and get 10 points.
  • Muflò, from time to time, Muflò allows himself a bit of relax. Find him, make a picture and share it on facebook, tagging @Arbataxpark. Don’t forget to use the hashtags, this way  you’ll get 10 points more.
  •  Excursion KID’s friendly: choose  one of our VIK excursions, each one 10 points.
  • Su Coile Restaurant: if you want to get a special stamp in your passport, have a typical Sardinian dinner at su Coile Restaurant and earn 10 points.
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