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Sardegna - Ogliastra - Italy
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A Chent’Annos…a tavola!

A gastronomic overture in the land of the centenarians.

The passion for good food crosses the territory, its land and its traditions. The typical flavors of Ogliastra, land of the Centenarians, inspire a culinary reinterpretation in which the marriage between tradition and innovation will guide our Guests through a captivating path, soaked in creativity, fantasy and passion.

The aim of “A Chent’Annos…A tavola!” is to discover the typical recipes of the local cuisine rethought according to the modern style of the Chefs, who will share their knowledge with our Guests, explaining the details and the story of every dish.

A journey to discover a simple and poor cuisine, enriched by the secrets of Sardinian longevity. The charming atmosphere of Monte Turri Restaurant will be the stage of these unique nights, in which gastronomy meets millennial tradition.

The schedule of the events is the following one:

• 4th August: Chef Valerio Rosi
• 11thAugust: Chef Laurent Wozniak
• 23rd August: Chef Mauro Ladu
• 8th September: Chef Alberto Sanna 

Tasting Menu: € 50.00 per person.

Limited seats. For information and reservation, please contact: +39 (0782) 690590 or

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