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Arbatax Park di Corsa Trophy

In the Capo Bellavista peninsula, in Ogliastra, on the 22th September, the fourth Arbatax Park Di Corsa Trophy  athletics event will take place inside the Arbatax Park Resort. The race, 10km long, will cross the internal paths of the Resort and the streets of the Arbatax borough and Porto Frailis. Some paths of this new suggestive 10km track follow the famous “Marcialonga dei tre mari” race’s course, that, in the 80s, took places several times in Arbatax.
Lots of hills and slopes characterize this challenging track, framed by a breathtaking atmosphere. The racers will run through the Bellavista Natural Park, characterized by its beautiful cliffs and different species of wild animals.
Before the race, the youngsters will have the chance to join the Kids Race, headed by our mascot Muflò.


The champions of the four editions

M.Olmo ’15marco_olmo
D.Caimmi R.Console ’15console_caimmi
M.Najibe Salami’16’17’18salami
V.Straneo ’17marco_olmo
A.Incerti ’18console_caimmi
G.Innocenti ’17’18 salami
D.Meucci ’17marco_olmo
M.Razine ’18console_caimmi
E.Cusma ’17’18salami

Race Track: 10 km

Lenght : 9.9 Km – in the Capo Bellavista peninsula. Running grounds: asphalt 90%, pebbles ground 10% Refuels: 3 in different spots of the track. Description: Challenging course, characterized by numerous ups and downs and changes of pace due to the terrain’s conformation. The race will start at the Thalasso SPA Bellavista. The athletes will run across a light downhill towards the Telis area until the 1.5km. Then they will get out of the Resort and, after a fast lane, they will turn left on Via Porto Frailis. They will then turn right on Via Ugo Foscolo, running close to Porto Frailis beach. Turn left then on Via San Gemiliano, through a small hilly path that leads to the Saracen tower. After 1km of light downhill, they will turn right on Via Amburgo, and then head straight on Via Ginevra. At the roundabout they will head straight towards Via Porto Frailis up to the intersection in Via Lungomare. At the height of AGIP gas station’s second entrance, they will turn right and arrive at the Red Rocks’ yard.

Turning point and head straight in Via Lungomare, turning left on Via Venezia: head to Piazza Caduti 23 Aprile and up to Via Cala Moresca. This is a challenging and steep tract. At the downhill they will get back to the Arbatax Park and run across Borgo Cala Moresca’s narrow paths. Again outside the Resort, they will head through a fast lane in an outstanding panoramic area. At the km 9.3000 the racers will turn into a 250metres ramp (medium gradient: 12%, maximum gradient: 23%). This path goes down a hill up to Bellavista Lighthouse and will head for other 500metres until the Wellness Center Bellavista, the arrival.
piano alt.

Meeting point of the Athletes and the Jury: Saturday 22.09.2018, 3:00pm at Arbatax Park Resort, Via Capri 49 Arbatax – Tortolì. Start: 05:00pm

Rookies C (promoathletics) mt.300
Rookies B (miniathletics) mt.300
Rookies A (little league) mt. 600
Girls mt. 1000
Cadets mt. 2000
Pupils, mt.5000
Junior, Under 23 and Senior about 9900


The subscription to the race for the registered athletes can be done on the website www.fidal.it – Servizi on line – affiliazioni e tesseramento at the latest by Tuesday 18th September. The entrance fee for the 10km race is of € 22,00 for the junior, under 23 and senior categories.
The registered athletes’ subscriptions can also be done on-site at the latest by 04:00pm of the 22nd September 2018, at the cost of € 25,00.

The subscription for non-registered athletes can be done by sending an email to dicorsa@arbataxpark.com  or on-site at the latest by 04:00pm of the 22nd September 2018. In both cases the entrance fee is of €25,00. It is required to the non-registered participants to provide a certificate of suitability to take part in competitive athletics: the original copy has to be delivered to the organizers of the race, while a copy shall be stored in the archives of G.S Atletica Ogliastra.

The 5 km non-competitive walk is perferct for people who want to walk among the beauties of the Bellavista Natural Park, the colours of the sea, the Red Rocks and the Borgo Cala Moresca. Registration can be made by sending an email to dicorsa@arbataxpark.com  or on-site at the latest by 04:00pm of the 22nd September 2018 . The participation fee is € 15.00.

The race pack for all the participants provides a selection of sport supplies, typical Sardinian products and the voucher for dinner.

At the end of the race each category will have access to the awards. The prizes will range from holidays and wellness stays to sport equipment to selected food and wine local products. Furthermore, some cash prizes are provided exclusively to the regional FIDAL members (total jackpot of € 2000,00), distributed as follows:
1° place M and F: € 250,00
2° place M and F: € 200,00
3° place M and F: € 150,00
4° place M and F: € 100,00
5° place M and F: € 80,00
6° place M and F: € 60,00
7° place M and F: € 50,00
8° place M and F: € 40,00
9° place M and F: € 30,00
10° place M and F: € 30,00
The prizes can not be combined

The Arbatax Park, in collaboration with Atletica Ogliastra and Sabores/Sapori di Sardegna, is glad to welcome every participant to the lunch organized after the race. Relatives and plus ones can buy the dinner vouchers at the cost of € 13,00 in the dedicated stand.

For information, subscription and reservation, please contact dicorsa@arbataxpark.com 

Sponsored by:piano alt.

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