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LongAge Fitness
LongAge Fitness
LongAge Fitness
LongAge Fitness
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Postural & Balance

Body Balance is a traning session focused on the right posture. The backache is the pain of the third millenium and one third of the people suffer from it caused by sedentary life style and the improper postures.

Thanks to LongAge Personal Trainers experts in osteopathy and physiotherapy, you could have the possibility to discover the physical activity to prevent and to alleviate pains, and to understand which are the consequence of a wrong posture.

It’s a long time that your back  waits an holiday like this!

Slim & Beauty

Stop “punishment diets” and backbreaking training sessions! The best thing is to learn how our body works and to lose extra weight thanks to an healthy lifestyle. One holiday week to learn how losing weight forever!

Sport Running

There’s an aura of involvement and meditation around running.

Find the natural rhythm of your body, free your mind from any source of stress. Focus your energy on just one thing: running.

Together with LongAge Personal Trainer expert you would improve your athletic gesture, verifying possible race mistakes and you will learn how to prevent accidents and how to measure out the weight in order to have a constant improvement.

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