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Arbatax Park Resort & SPA - Our projects
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Use of recycled paper
Using a new piece of equipment, paper, card, and all cellulose-based materials will be recycled. Paper is broken down into small parts and turned into bedding for our animals in the farm Nursery.

Use of recycled glass
Within the Resort, an oven has been created for the blending of glass taken from waste materials: remains of bottles, broken glasses and broken windows will take on a new life rather than pollute the planet. Inside a glass workshop they become plates, vases and glasses, which you will find in the Resort restaurants. They will also be turned into works of art in themed workshops where guests can witness the creation of incredible objects by internationally famous artists.

Green energy for the Spa starting from 2021, a new project will be launched for producing hot water for the wellness centre by using solar panels installed on top of the carparks

Art gallery The Borgo Cala Moresca Chapel has become an art gallery where guests can admire themed exhibitions of works by Sardinia’s most extraordinary artists.

Local vegetable gardens In collaboration with local associations, the Resort will launch a network of responsible vegetable gardens to provide guests and park animals with locally sourced products km 0, in order to support the local economy. The project involves the use of rainwater collected in our lakes and agricultural water. The aim is to create a network of local producers under a new certified organic brand called “Arbatax Blue zone”.

Seabed Cleaning Campaign Divers from our diving center, together with volunteers, will regularly remove plastic and waste, which the sea is unfortunately prone to taking in, from the seabeds of the whole peninsula.


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