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Arbatax Park Resort & SPA - Supporting the local economy
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Very Important Kids

An exclusive project born out of our love for children and the desire to help them turn their holiday into a way of discovering and experimenting with their creative side, through a relationship with nature and art. On a guided tour, children learn simple ways of respecting and protecting wildlife. They can also rediscover their creative side by attending numerous educational workshops where, with the help of our instructors and esteemed Island artists, they will have a go at:

  • weaving on specially made small looms
  • creating unfired earth bricks
  • making bread and cheese alongside our shepherd
  • growing vegetables in our kitchen garden

Alongside a Janas (Sardinian fairy), they will also learn to interact with art by joyfully engaging with the world of art, using the sculpture Fiabe Intrecciate by Maria Lai and the Pietre Sonore (sounding stones) by Pinuccio Sciola for inspiration.

Themed Suites del Mare

dedicated to the greatest of Sardinian artists: Suite della Pietra dedicated to Pinuccio Sciola and Suite al ritmo del telaio dedicated to Maria Lai.


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