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Arbatax Park Resort & SPA - Harmony Regeneration
Arbatax Park Resort & SPA - Harmony Regeneration
Красота Сардинии
Arbatax Park Resort & SPA - Harmony Regeneration
Arbatax Park Resort & SPA - Harmony Regeneration
Arbatax Park Resort & SPA - Harmony Regeneration
Arbatax Park Resort & SPA - Harmony Regeneration
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Arbatax Park Resort & SPA - Harmony Regeneration
Starting from  € 1088  per person*

Harmony Regeneration

крышка для Suites del Mare, СПА & оздоровительный центр

Beyond the sea and the fragrance of myrtle…

Rediscover yourself, recapture your “sense” of time, find your own rythm!

Beyond the sea and the fragrance of myrtle, there is much more in Sardinia, a mysterious and magical land steeped in history, it is the home of the centenarians. We propose weekly sessions of “Psycho-physical recovery” in this authentic location, with the help and under the supervision of Maurizio Corradin MD, doctor and surgeon, a specialist in Sports medicine, nutrition and acupuncture who over the last thirty years and more has set up and directed some of the most important Spas in Italy.

He will be supported by Tiziana D’Onofrio MD, gynaecologist and expert in acupuncture, specialised in beauty treatments with natural products. It is important to stress that every single treatment is a small element of a complex system which has been designed to be modelled for each individual guest. These are unique treatments which are then modelled and personalised following an initial consultation.

The appointments scheduled for 2019 are 4:

the 1st from to the 16th to the 23rd of June, the 2nd from the 7th to the 14th of July, the 3rd from the 18th to the 25th of August and the 4th from the 8th to the 15th of September.

You can choose between two different programs INTEGRA or LIGHT, according to the number of treatments you prefer.

Special offer for 2 person applied:

  • 7 nights stay, in double room;
  • Half-board included;
  • Shuttle service, from/to Cagliari and Olbia airport;
  • Early-Check-in and Late Check-out, subject availability;
  • Tower room upgrade, subject to availability;
  • Dine around: free access, by reservation only, to all the Resort Buffet restaurant;
  • Light Buffet dedicated at Telis restaurant.


Program INTEGRA or (LIGHT):

  • Assessment Interview
  • 5 (3) sessions of acupuncture
  • 4 (2) body massages: “The Rythm of breath”
  • 3 (2) facial reflexology treatments: “The colours of the sky”
  • 3 (2) foot reflexology treatments: “roots and flowers”
  • 2 (1) sessions of moxibustion
  • 3 (2) sessions of active imagination
  • 5 (3) sessions of Qi Kong, meridian stretching or Thai Chi
  • 1 (1) 80-minutes body massage: “where the warrior rests”
  • 1 (1) energetic scrub: “The stones of Venus”
  • Final consultation

Contact us for information and reservations or to request a personalized quote. Click on the “book now” button and fill out the form with the requested information, or call the number +39 0782 690590. Hurry up, only 10 places available for each week!

*) The price indicated is per person. It is valid for a stay of 2 adults during the 4th appointment, from 8 to 15 September 2019, and includes the LIGHT program for 1 person.
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Harmony Regeneration
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