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Arbatax Park reappointed World’s Leading Eco Resort

World Travel Awards 2021: Arbatax Park reappointed World’s Leading Eco Resort and wins the World’s Leading Resort Sensory Gardens for the first time


For the third year in a row, Arbatax Park Resort, the Sardinian resort owned by Mazzella Group, brings home the most coveted and prestigious international recognition the World Travel Awards (considered the Oscars of Tourism) bestows upon the best Eco Sustainable reality in world tourism, ranking 1st in the World’s Leading Eco Resort 2021 and World’s Leading Resort Sensory Gardens 2021 categories. The winner has been announced at the virtual ceremony of The Grand Final Winners Day. These global awards join those achieved on 22 October last as Europe’s Leading Eco Resort 2021 and Italy’s Leading Eco Resort 2021.

The recent proclamation of Arbatax Park as the best Eco Resort in the World, brings the magical Land of Sardinia, symbol of ancient strength and emblem of beauty and long life, back to international limelight and allows it to be recognised as the Queen of eco-sustainable hospitality worldwide. The award for the Garden of Wonders, on the other hand, highlights the resort’s focus on enchanting experiences in contact with nature.

«It is truly a great honour for us to bring home the most world’s coveted tourism, a prestigious milestone dedicated to our Garden of Wonders», Giorgio, Angela and Attilio Mazzella declare. «This is an important result that is the outcome of our vision and the commitment and dedication with which our staff supports us on a daily basis. We sincerely thank all those who have chosen to support us in this ambitious challenge, and we sincerely congratulate the other Sardinian tourism companies that have excelled in their categories».

The Resort’s History

Arbatax Park Resort was set up in 2010 by the entrepreneurs Giorgio Mazzella and Angela Scanu who, after years of activity as developers in the tourism sector in Sardinia, decided to take on a new challenge, opening their “home” to the world, with the aim of sharing their passion for nature, children and tradition, as well as their unconditional love for the land that is their home.

Arbatax Park is located in a peninsula of more than 60 hectares of uncontaminated nature, a magical place that is home to the only Resort in the world with a modern concept of global wellbeing situated in a natural reserve, the Bellavista Natural Park. In the midst of more than 500,000 plants, 500 animals and 5,000 metres of walks, every day 500 people take care of the guests and the Park itself. It also includes a Wellness Centre and SPA where water is the prime element for health and well-being, and an organic vegetable garden where each guest can participate in the cultivation and harvesting of vegetables and legumes.

It is a project that comes from Nature and is an expression of hospitality in a Park area where Nature is the host and where each visitor can choose their own experience from the infinite possibilities available in an oasis where, in respect for the natural cycle of life, its biodiversity and the island on which it is located, nothing is wasted, continuing to live through transformation

An Eco-Sustainable Resort

At Arbatax Park Resort everything is aimed at the protection of the environment, thanks to the various eco-sustainable activities, carried out on a day to day basis. A keen eye for recycling and the use of alternative sources of energy which over the years has made this place a precious source of inspiration and a resource to be protected, setting out a clear path for a sustainable future to hand down to new generations.

A constantly evolving project, which is enhanced by a wide range of initiatives: the network of associated vegetable producers, over 100.000 sq. mt. of orchards close to the resort which supply their zero food mileage produce for the Resort’s requirements. Once again, the aim is to create a network of local producers brought together under a new certified organic brand “Ogliastra Blue Zone”; the V.I.K. (Very Important Kids), an exclusive project inspired by a love of children and the desire to help young visitors to turn their holiday into an opportunity to discover and experiment their creative side through the relationship with nature and art; separate waste collection, that reaches over 90%; paper recycling, which comes back to life as animal bedding; glass recycling, where the glass, once melted down, allows Guests of the Resort to try their hand at making art objects by participating in entertaining workshops held by internationally renowned artists; composting of all organic material coming from pruning and cleaning operations, which becomes humus for plants and the vegetable garden; the recovery of dry branches, which become poles for the fences, wood for the bread ovens or the roast fires and, sometimes, furnishing accessories for the rooms; the recovery of rainwaters, which are conveyed into a quarry and reused for the irrigation of vegetable gardens and meadows; the “Garden of Wonders”, a multi-sensory garden for both adults and children. A large antique door marks the entrance, and opens onto a magical realm of flowers, fireflies and butterflies. The garden contains a series of attractions, including an open-air library, spaces for the practicing of yoga, the olive tree gym, a cinema beneath the stars, a Casa delle Janas (house of fairies) and many other surprises.

Arbatax Park Resort is located in Ogliastra, one of the 5 blue zones of the world and home of the Centenarians. As well as its beguiling crystal sea, this amazing area of Sardinia boasts charming traditions, people still in touch with their roots and history, silence and nature that has the power to embrace and heal.





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