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Arbatax Park Resort & SPA - I’m an Ecotourist!

I’m an Ecotourist!

The most important lesson we learned from the coronavirus (besides washing your hands well)? Respect for the environment and animals. That you can «train» even on holiday, choosing eco-resorts in uncontaminated places, where the real kids club is nature.
For a beach holiday as a perfect ecologist, in Sardinia there is the best eco resort in the world: Arbatax Park Resort.

The coast on which the Arbatax Park Resort overlooks is the wild coast of Ogliastra, perfect for mini explorers. Scientists and psychologists say so: after the endless days of the pandemic, we will find ourselves more ecologists. With great respect and a desire for nature after the long days spent pitting around the house, while the children dreamed of freedom and a lawn to play. So for the next holiday running on the meadows or on a beach, you can choose places that have taken the green road. A news passed on the quiet is that the best eco-resort in the world is in Italy, the Arbatax Park in Sardinia, in Ogliastra (Travel Award 2019). The parameters are all there, green electricity, energy saving, recycling, garden and food km 0, help to the local economy. It is not a small place, six hotels and cottages, but spread over 600 thousand square meters, and on a peninsula with the Bellavista Park, five kilometers of walks and 500 thousand plants, where all the endemic species of Sardinia have been gathered (itineraries with botanist). The joy of children is to meet the rangers of the farm with 500 native animals of the island, deer, Giara horses, mouflons, donkeys. The little ones naturally have their own spaces, including sports, and then the educational workshops, nature excursions, fairy tales around a bonfire. And, new for the summer, an ancient door will open onto the Garden of Wonders, with butterflies, fireflies and even the fairy house.

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