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A hospitality project rooted in Nature

A hospitality project rooted in Nature. In a park where Nature reigns, each guest can choose their preferred experience from an infinite number of options. It is a true oasis where respect for natural cycles, biodiversity and the land that hosts you means nothing goes to waste, but all is transformed and takes on a new life. The Vision is to create an authentic place where each and every guest can experience the real Sardinia, in the hope that its age-old beauty will inspire us to respect and protect the environment, wherever we are.

Nature has always been at the heart of the Project as a whole. It is an inspiration and a precious resource that needs protecting through small, daily actions, good habits, and initiatives that enhance the land, carving a pathway for a sustainable future on this ancient portion of land.

The Park

Composting Branches from pruned trees, leaves, flowers, lake sediments and the organic material produced by…

The Resort

The electricity used in the Resort is produced in Italy and is largely green (i.e.…

Supporting the local economy

Excursions to explore the territory The Resort organizes events and promotions that familiarise the guests…

New projects starting in 2019/2020

Garden of Wonders What once was a golf driving range will be transformed into the…


World’s Leading Eco Resort 2019 A new and important international acknowledgement for the Arbatax Park…

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