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Arbatax Park Resort & SPA - Arbatax Running Experience
Arbatax Park di Corsa
Arbatax Park Resort & SPA - Arbatax Running Experience
Arbatax Park di Corsa
Arbatax Park Resort & SPA - Arbatax Running Experience
Arbatax Park di Corsa
Arbatax Park Resort & SPA - Arbatax Running Experience
Arbatax Park di Corsa
Arbatax Park Resort & SPA - Arbatax Running Experience
Arbatax Park di Corsa
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Arbatax Running Experience

Sixth edition
23 September 2023
Hurry up, they are alone

On the Capo Bellavista peninsula in Ogliastra, the 6th edition of the Arbatax Running Experience will take place on 23 September. The 8-km-long UISP race, organised in collaboration with the ASD TriSinnai, will take place in the inner streets of the Arbatax Park Resort tourist complex and along the streets of the seaside village of Arbatax and Porto Frailis. Numerous climbs and descents for a challenging course in a breathtaking location, passing through the Bellavista Nature Park, which is home to numerous animals and is characterised by splendid cliffs overlooking the sea. The new evocative route will follow for long stretches the old route of the famous ‘Marcialonga dei tre mari’ (Three Seas Marathon), which was held in Arbatax for many editions around the 1980s.

You too can run in one of Sardinia’s most exclusive locations alongside the champions of the Italian National Athletics Team. An opportunity not to be missed amidst the lush nature of the Bellavista Park and the views of the Arbatax Park Resort, winner of the Best Eco Resort in the World award.

At the same time as the competitive race, a 3.5 km recreational-motor walk will take place through the Bellavista Nature Park and will allow you to admire the Red Rocks of Arbatax and the village of Cala Moresca.

If running and nature are your passion, don’t miss the Arbatax Running Experience!

Daniele Meucci
Valeria Straneo
Marco Salami
Marco Olmo
Elisa Cusma
Rosaria Console e Daniele Caimmi
Anna Incerti

The 8 km race will run through the inner streets of the facility and along the streets of the seaside village of Arbatax.

Ascents, descents, fast stretches and breathtaking views for a challenging and fun course, where among the spectators, you will also find the animals of the Bellavista Nature Park!

Length: 8 km approx. Terrain: asphalt 90%, cobblestones 10%. Refreshments: 2 at various points along the route.


The programme of the event, organised by the Arbatax Park Resort in cooperation with ASD TriSinnai and with the technical approval of the UISP Territorial Committee, will be as follows:

Saturday 23 September 2023

  • 10:30-13.00 /15:00-16:30 > Opening of secretariat and pick-up of technical packet;
  • 15:00 > Jury and athletes meeting and baggage deposit;
  • 15:20 > Grouping of youth sector race participants, ticking off and division by category;
  • 15:30 > Start of youth sector races ATHLETICS/OCR;
  • 16:45 > Grouping of participants 6th ARBATAX RUNNING EXPERIENCE, check and line-up;
  • 17:00 > Start the 6th ARBATAX RUNNING EXPERIENCE
  • 17:55 > Regrouping of participants recreational walk;
  • 18:00 > Start of the recreational-motor walk;
  • 19:30 > Award ceremony for the competitive race.

Just 𝗥𝘂𝗻!


  • By online procedure via
    SIGN IN 
  • DERIU SPORT (CENTRO COMMERCIALE I MULINI) via Piero della Francesca – Su Planu – Selargius
  • By online procedure via
    SIGN IN 
  • On site (dedicated gazebo) with filling in the registration form and payment of the fee
  • By online procedure via
    SIGN IN 
  • With filling in the registration/release form and payment of the fee at:
    ARBATAX PARK RESORT – Via Capri 49, Arbatax
  • DERIU SPORT (CENTRO COMMERCIALE I MULINI) via Piero della Francesca – Su Planu – Selargius

Participation fees

Entries must be received by 21:00 on Thursday 21 September 2023; the fees are as follows:

  • € 20.00 for the Senior and Master categories (born 2003 and earlier);
  • € 10.00 for the Pupils and Juniors categories (born from 2004 to 2007);
  • € 10.00 for ATHLETICS and OCR youth sector competitions – registration also valid for the recreational motor walk (medical certificate required) (born 2008 to 2019);
  • € 5.00 under 18 (free registration with release form) (born from 2005 onwards);
  • € 10.00 recreational-motor walk (free registration with release form) (born in 2004 and earlier);

The fee includes:

  • Technical jersey of the event to be used compulsorily in the race/walk;
  • Timekeeping with chip by TDS (only for competitive 8 km race);
  • Race bib (only for competitive races);
  • Insurance and medical assistance;
  • Refreshments along the route and refreshments at the end;
  • Race package with and any gadgets from sponsors;
  • Medal (competitive youth sector only)

Registration does not include anything not specified in the fees.

NB: The organisation reserves the right to distribute t-shirts according to the sizes available when collecting the race packet. Athletes participating in competitive races must be provided with pins. Race numbers, the advertising shoulder of which must be clearly visible, will be provided by the organisation.


Prizes will be awarded to participants in the competitive race as follows: the first five absolute male and female finishers, and excluding these, the first three of the following categories, male and female, with prizes offered by the event sponsors

Pupils and Juniors (2004-2007); Under 30 (1989-2003); Senior 35 (1984-1988); Senior 40 (1979-1983); Senior 45 (1974-1978); Veterans 50 (1969-1973); Veterans 55 (1964-1968); Veterans 60 (1959-1963); Over 65 (1958 and earlier).

For the youth sector, prizes will be awarded to all athletes with a medal and/or gadget, only for the categories CHILDREN and CADETS, the FIRST 3 MALE AND FEMALE.
There will be no cash prizes and no prize-giving for the recreational walk.

Accommodation offers for the race

For the occasion, the Arbatax Park Resort proposes special offers in Formula Roulette, valid only for the Arbatax Park race. They include:

  • Overnight stay in a Standard double room;
  • Breakfast;
  • Dinner.



1 night € 130.00. Possibility of stays longer than one night.


Participation requirements – Declaration of liability

The following may participate in the 8 km competitive race: 
Italian and foreign athletes resident in Italy born in 2007 and earlier, regularly registered with UISP or with clubs affiliated with UISP or Fidal (on the basis of the agreement in place, race regularly communicated and authorised by FIDAL) or Runcard holders for the year 2023 and in compliance with the medical certificate of suitability for competitive athletics on 23 September 2023;
(it is possible to register individually for the ASD TriSinnai by calling 346.5803579 or directly for the UISP of Cagliari at the headquarters in viale Trieste 69, telephone 3286415477. In both cases, a competitive medical certificate for athletics is required (certificates from different disciplines are not valid).

The 3.5 km recreational motor walk is open to:
all people, without any age limit, who are in good physical condition and health without a medical certificate being required. At the time of registration, an assumption of responsibility and disclaimer is provided for the organising group to protect the participant’s physical integrity. Persons under the age of 18 may participate under the guardianship of an adult (signatory of the release form).

Competitive Youth Sector ATHLETICS/OCR Nature Races
In order to offer a unique and unforgettable experience to all young athletes, we have decided to offer OCR (Obstacle Course Race) competitions in combination with the running competitions. Obstacle Course Races are running races with obstacles of various kinds that can provide moments of pure excitement for all participants.
Participation in both competitions is not compulsory, you can also decide to take part only in the running competition or only in the OCR competition, but it is strongly recommended in order to enjoy an all-round experience of fun and games.
For participation in the youth competitions, a non-competitive medical certificate is compulsory for those born in 2012 and later, while for those born in 2011 and earlier, a competitive athletics medical certificate is compulsory. (certificates from different disciplines are not valid).
The organisation reserves the right to change the distances and/or merge or split the categories according to the number of participants.
For all matters not covered in these regulations, the UISP regulations apply. ASD TriSinnai, the Arbatax Park Resort and the UISP Race Judges Group decline all responsibility for anything that may happen to athletes, persons or things, before, during or after the event

Declaration of responsibility

Each participant must sign the declaration of responsibility declaring that he/she: knows and respects the regulations of the Arbatax Running Experience 2023 published on the website and https://www.endu. net/en/events/arbatax-park-di-corsa/, according to the UISP regulations in force; to be in possession of a medical certificate of agonistic fitness for the practice of athletics valid on 23 September 2023 to take part in the 8 km competitive race to be in good health to take part in the 3.5 km recreational motor walk; to be aware that taking part in the Arbatax Running Experience 2023 and/or sporting events in general is potentially a risky activity; to register voluntarily and to assume all risks arising from participation in the event: falls, contact with vehicles, other participants, spectators or others, weather conditions, including scorching heat, extreme cold and/or wet weather, traffic and road conditions, any kind of risk well known and assessed. Being aware of the above, considering the acceptance of his/her registration, the participant, on his/her own behalf and in the interest of no one else, relieves and releases the Organising Group of the Arbatax Running Experience 2023, ASD TriSinnai, the Arbatax Park Resort, the UISP, the promoting bodies the Municipal Administration of Tortolì, all Sponsors of the event, their respective representatives, successors, officers, directors, members, agents and employees of the above mentioned companies, of all present and future claims or liabilities of any kind, known or unknown, arising from participation in the event. Once the registration to the Arbatax Running Experience 2023 has been accepted and completed, any participation fee is non-refundable, even in the event of cancellation. The participant also grants his or her authorisation to all the entities listed above, without any remuneration and for any legitimate use, to use photographs, tapes, videos, images for any publications of any nature relating to the event.
This declaration is to be understood as having been read, accepted and signed by the participant at the time of his/her application, which presupposes the careful reading and subsequent approval of the regulations.
For further information, please write to:
ASD TriSinnai or to




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