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Arbatax Park Resort & SPA - Excursions
Arbatax Park Resort & SPA - Excursions
Arbatax Park Resort & SPA - Excursions


A piece of untouched paradise

Excursions for those who love the Sea

Capo Monte Santo: the characteristic cliffs rising up along the coastline, with granite in various colours and white limestone, provide an enchanting and scenic view. Crystal-clear waters lapping the beautiful bays with stunning colours ranging from blue to green-blue and deep green, depending on the depth of the seabed.

Goloritzè Cove: a symbolic beach of the Ogliastra coast, famous for its characteristic spire 143 metres tall that towers above it, and the natural arch that opens on the right side of this enchanting bay. The beach is made up of small white pebbles and fine white sand. This deep turquoise sea, solitary and wild, is a place of exceptional interest and beauty.

Mariolu Cove: a beautiful beach with small white pebbles, bright crystal-clear waters, and a striking emerald green seabed. Framed between high limestone cliffs and nestled amid green and fragrant Mediterranean shrubland. The high cliffs above are home to various species of marine birds, including peregrine falcons, Bonelli’s and golden eagles, Eleonora’s falcon and several vultures and griffons.

Sisine Cove: set amid spectacular cliffs which are over 500 metres tall, plummeting straight down into the sea. It is flanked by two rocky cliffs, bordered by juniper trees and holm oaks. The seabed is made up of large chalky grains of white sand and rocks polished by the sea. A crystal-clear sea and fascinating seabeds, ideal for those who want to immerse themselves in its waters and explore the underwater world.

Luna Cove: probably the most famous and celebrated cove of the island, it has often been used as a filming location in both Italian and foreign cinema. The beach, with white sand mixed with pebbles, stands out for its fascinating caves and inlets in front of the foreshore, caused by the force of the sea eroding the limestone rock. Behind the beach, there is a grove of oleanders and a freshwater pond.

Grotta del Bue Marino: its peculiar name (meaning “sea ox cave”) comes from the monk seal, a magnificent mammal that likes to live in the beautiful bays of the Gulf of Orosei. The cave is 5-km long and can be visited on guided trails which are lit up for around 900 metres. It has a large gallery, where the sea comes in, surrounded by numerous freshwater lakes fed by underground rivers and separated by sandy beaches and numerous rock formations. The many stalactites and stalagmites offer an extraordinary array of colours due to the light beams that penetrate the cave.

Grotta del Fico: 10 metres above sea level in the beautiful limestone cliffs of the Gulf. In these mysterious tunnels of an ancient land, millions of years old, there are easy walkways allowing you to proceed along the bed of an ancient underground river, which is now fossilised. The cave is particularly important given its many siphons connected to the sea; this is where the monk seal gained access, choosing the little beaches inside the cave as a place to breed.

Cea: a white sand beach over a kilometre long, characterised by its beautiful red sea stacks just a few yards from the shore, which stand out on the horizon with a unique interplay of colours. Behind the beach, there is dense vegetation with the typical scents of the Mediterranean.

Su Sirboni Cove: transparent deep blue waters amid pristine surroundings. The sand is light, fine and mixed with pebbles and several rocky boulders. This windswept cove also makes Su Sirboni an ideal spot for surfers and is a great favourite for diving enthusiasts.

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Excursions for those who love the Mountains

  • ‘Trenino Verde della Sardegna’ (Little Green Train of Sardinia): an excursion to discover the wild territory of the Supramonte on board a small tourist train.
  • Golgo Plateau and Supramonte
  • Grotte Su Marmuri: considered one of the most impressive in Europe
  • An excursion through history and archaeology: Tortolì and surroundings
  • S. Maria Navarrese and Baunei: amid history and wildlife
  • Jeep Safari Tacchi d’Ogliastra (Gairo)
  • Hiking in Goloritzè

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