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From Sardinia to Japan: the secret of longevity

On the “Sole 24 ore”, Marika Gervasio talks about our Centenaries, a flagship of longevity. This is a theme very dear to us, which makes Sardinia, in particular the Ogliastra, one of the 5 so-called “Blue Zones” unique in the world, where the highest number of centenarians is recorded. For this reason, we decided to propose the article enriched by one of the magnificent shots “A Chent’Annos” by Carlos Solito.

Gaspare Mele will be 108 years old in April. In his life he was a farmer, a miner and a bricklayer, but his passion, which he has cultivated since he was a boy, is poetry: he loves to sit and talk in his kitchen and write verses. First with his typewriter, now, given his age, by hand with paper and pen.

Eight children from his marriage to Rosalia Ortu, he was born in Orotelli, in the province of Nuoro, on 29 April 1911. He is the oldest man in Sardinia and was included in the book of photographs of centenarians from all over the world “Aging gracefully” by photojournalist Karsten Thormaehlen. […]

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