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National Geographic: the secrets of longevity

National Geographic writer, longevity coach and explorer Dan Buettner has focused for many years on studying the lifestyle of the people of the Blue Zones, the five places in the world where people live much longer than average.

With his January pubblication on National Geographic, Buettner made his comeback to learn more about foods that contribute to longevity, by collecting time-tested recipes and investigating why some foods seem to favor longevity. A theme that is very dear to us that makes Sardinia, especially its hinterland, one of the unique areas in the world where the greatest number of Centenarians are recorded.

Longevity and nutrition, a winning combination in the study of researchers from all over the world, who have been looking for the elixir of long life in the mountains of Ogliastra for years. In his research, indeed, Buettner has availed himself of the scientific contribution of the researcher Gianni Pes, who has long investigated the phenomenon of human longevity.

“The ninety year old Assunta Podda shakes vigorously a terracotta pot with her best smile. ‘Minestrone’, she explains..”
The secret of longevity? A diet based on fresh foods, legumes and seasonal vegetables in large quantities, which favour the digestive system, reducing the risk of heart and thyroid diseases and tumours.
But also a simple lifestyle, in contact with nature, as well as a good wine.
“A chent’annos”, reads the toast of the island, “may you live a hundred years!”


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